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Ready for a bathroom remodel or upgrade? Our contractor is the leader in bathroom renovations in Kapolei, and is now serving the whole Oahu island!

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We have been working together with a trusted contractor who we thoroughly recommend for any bathroom remodel in Kapolei. He has over 20 years of experience and is now expanding to provide bathroom remodel in Oahu. As we outlined in our Bathroom Refinishing Honolulu page, you can’t refinish your bathtub over and over again. Eventually a bathtub replacement is needed. A bathtub replacement is probably the most expensive part of the job. Therefore, if you are at that point you may want to consider a full makeover.

Is it worth it to Remodel a Bathroom?

The bathroom is a common upgrade for home improvement, however is usually done when something breaks. That is why the bathroom gets a lot of use daily. Think about it, how many times do you use your bathroom in a day? In addition, the hot showers create more humidity which causes further damage to materials. Not to mention the ocean breeze and humidity levels in Oahu, and most bathrooms may not even have a window. That being said, a bathroom remodel is always worth it when the upgrade can fix the problems (e.g. old run down materials, broken bathtub and/or tiles, plumbing issues, etc); and/or modernize the bathroom in a way to improve your happiness and quality of life at home. If you are unsure you can discuss other possibilities with us such as reglazing of your bathtub and vanities. We have some great pictures that can give you a great idea of what we can do as far as repair and refinish. 


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Our contractor has over 20 years of experience in bathroom remodeling in Kapolei. Through word of mouth, he has been expanding bathroom remodel to Mililani, Ewa Beach, and Waipahu. He is now taking renovations throughout the island of Oahu such as bathroom remodel in Pearl City, Kaneohe, Kailua, and Honolulu. One of the advantages to work with our contractor is that he is very flexible, skilled, and experienced with numerous materials and upgrades. He is licensed and insured and will always be honest and transparent when it comes to price, expectations, quality or work, and time-frames.

On-time and On-Budget
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Quality of work 

Typical Process used by our Kapolei Bathroom Remodeler

Our Kapolei Bathroom Remodeler has been generating his clients mostly from recommendations from happy customers. Over the years he has been honest, transparent, on-time, and on-budget with his bathroom renovations. It all starts with good planning, takes off with hard work and talent, and ends with happy customers. Below is the general process for a successful bathroom renovation. Not everyone upgrades everything and that is one of the advantages of having an honest contractor planning it with you. The mindset is to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations while keeping your budget.

✔ Planning: What do you need? What do you want? What is your budget?
✔ Remove or demolish current fixtures, baseboard, floor, etc
✔ Check, fix, and prepare plumbing and electrical for new fixtures
✔ Consider the need for grab bars installed
✔ Bathtub replacement, shower renovation
✔ Bathtub to shower conversion
✔ Add efficient shower heads for savings
✔ Paint walls
✔ Install tile, flooring
✔ Add lights and exhaust fan
✔ Install vanity, sink, toilet


Planning and Budgeting

Who is going to be using your bathroom? What do you really need? What is the stage of each material and component of your bathroom? Are you going to be selling or renting the house? What are your desires and expectations? What is your budget?

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Based on all the answers gathered on the Planning and Budgeting phase, our bathroom remodeler contractor will put together a plan of recommendations including a FREE quote on the full job. Our approach is honest and transparent since day one.

Bathroom Remodel

Now the fun begins! The team will be as fast as possible to complete the job. People can live without a kitchen for several days, but not without a bathroom. We will coordinate with you to do the job in record time if this is the only bathroom you have.

Small, Medium, and Large Bathroom Upgrades

The size of your bathroom will determine the options available, materials needed, and of course, the price. In general the bigger the bathroom the pricier the remodel. That is mostly because you need a lot more material. It is fun to strategize all those variables.

Some of the renovations we have made the biggest impact were actually small and medium sized. That was because we were able to organize it differently to free up more space while adding more storage at the same time. 


Shower to Bathtub, or Bathtub to Shower Conversion

The bathtub/shower replacement could be the most expensive of all renovations. However, it certainly gets the clients the most satisfaction once done. Are you thinking about changing your shower to a bathtub for a beautiful design and relaxing baths? Conversely, are you looking into safety, easy access, and perhaps to free up some space by converting a tub to a shower in Kapolei or Oahu? Some people are even installing both to satisfy the entire family and increase their property value. Whichever the case, reach out to us to find our honest recommendations for your specific needs and goals.